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Dealing With Loss

Drawing on my personal experience as a widow, I show you how to rebuild your life after loss and reclaim your purpose.

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Women At Work

Conquer your fears and achieve fulfillment. Change your self-limiting beliefs with my easy to implement strategies and start living your empowered and courageous life.

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About ME

President/ CEO Smart Women Solutions, Inc.

I am a workshop leader, facilitator, registered social worker and coach. I founded an ontological (language, body & emotions) coaching practice supporting those in sorrow or going through a life changing event to provide a safe place for clients to explore and understand their feelings. Using gentle healing techniques in a conversation style setting I find supportive strategies each client is led to. When these techniques are combined with education, encouragement and willingness, there is hope to find meaning and purpose as in their lives again. I have over a decade of experience within the bereavement support network in public healthcare, private consultation and non profit organizations. Lets connect, email me or call me -- That first step is usually the hardest: illuminating our core struggle is not easy but possible with gentle guidance. Be it self-limiting beliefs, loss of identity, loneliness, isolation, lack of direction. But with absolute fulfillment as the ultimate goal, you can heal. People say the best part of my programs are that my strategies are easy to implement. You may feel like have talked to a million people about your struggles.  Or, this is so new that I’ll be your first real conversation you have about it.  Either way, I will understand, because I have been there.

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“Your story has only been lived by one person - You.    
Each of your stories are important, so unique and deeply real. Seeing you live your brave, empowered life is my happy moment.” - Cindy L.

Cindy has been a blessing in my life, as she supported me in the months and now years following the sudden loss of my husband.  Her compassion, thoughtfulness, guidance and understanding was instrumental as I learned to manage the grief process for myself & our children.  The wisdom that Cindy gained with her own experience, and the insight she gleamed from it has been invaluable at each stage over the years.  Cindy gave and continues to give me inspiration and hope.  She is a treasure. -Tanya M.

In her workshops I like Cindy’s authenticity in the way she shares honestly, her real-life experiences – the realness is refreshing. -J.K.

“Cindy Lang knows profound personal loss and as my grief coach she intricately weaves a life line of hope. I feel safe to feel, express and share my pain with a genuine and caring person who knows what I am feeling because she has been there herself.  Cindy’s wisdom and strength radiate peaceful and tender compassion as we work together on my journey of grief.” - MM.

“Cindy’s presentation skills are wonderful. She is easy to listen to. Her stories are enlightening.” – Leanne T.

“Cindy has a humble and lovely way of telling our stories in a fashion where the other participants could relate with compassion both towards themselves and me.” – CM.

When I met Cindy she was the only mom who had a toddler like me and the only young widow who seemed like she was really trying to keep living her life after the death of her spouse.  She really gave me hope and I was able to see someone who was doing the things that I wanted to do in life after the loss of my husband. -Cathy W.

“I have had the extreme privilege of working with Cindy Lang.  I lost my Husband and prior to meeting Cindy I just felt Stuck.  She has helped me resolve this feeling, Being Stuck. I now feel I have the Courage to find Me in this loss.  Thank you, Cindy.” - BEB.

“I am so grateful to have been introduced to Cindy Lang and this was shortly after my younger brother accidentally passed and five days later my mother passed away.  For a person to cope with a double trauma felt shocking and unpredictable. To protect my mental health and stability I wanted to do this sad journey with support and met with Cindy. Cindy is an intuitive coach with sincere listening skills who believes not only in the theory of grief but that the mind, body and soul are connected.  She does not come into the session with a pre-conceived notion of what direction the entire session will take but checks into where you are and how the time has gone since your last session. From here the conversation flows with caring and thoughtful ideas to think about and consider from Cindy.  She helps you give yourself permission to exercise self-care while tending to your family. I cannot tell you how fortunate I feel to have the incredible wisdom and advice of Cindy who I consider to be an excellent confidante and coach.” -Lynn Sparks

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