Women's Empowerment Coach

"It's only when we have the courage to face things exactly as they are, without any self-deception or illusion, that a light will develop out of events by which the path to success may be recognized." - I Ching

Women’s Empowerment Coaching 

Transform Through Self-Reflection. My Simple Process as We Work Through:

  • Clearly defining your self-limiting beliefs and uncover your true personal strengths 
  • Deciding what fulfillment means for you 
  • How to stop self-sabotage with an easy four-step plan 
  • Illuminating the five major “Roles” that might be holding you back in your career and personal life, discover which you fit 
  • Live your best life – Define how you will Implement your plan 
  • Change their self-limiting beliefs and live a smart, empowered, and courageous life.  

My Personal Transformation & Healing Series Workshops:

  • The Little Girl - Embracing Your Empowered Woman 
  • The Pleaser - Playing this is Hurting Your Career 
  • The Saboteur – Are You Undermining Your Success? 
  • The Seductress - Choose Inner Strength, Beauty & Wisdom 
  • The Victim —Claim Your Title Role Through Self-Care, Love and Strength  

What Is the Next Best Step for you?


We will have a conversation about what is holding you back from your true potential.  You will discover through a simple four step process what your self-limiting beliefs are.  How you can heal them. Together we will uncover your personal strengths.  You can conquer your fears and rediscover who you are living a fulfilled life.

  1. Complimentary phone consultation. I always have a conversation with you prior to booking a session to ensure we are a great fit to move forward with the coaching.
  2. Sessions are 60 minutes; True transformation requires consistency. 3 sessions at a minimum is a great place to start to have you work with the tools and learning acquired within the session.  

**Please note: Coaching is not a substitute for, or the same as, psychotherapy, counselling, or other mental health care, nor is it meant to encompass the giving of directives or advice.

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Women's Empowerment Workshops

weekend and evening workshops are for those of you who love a group experience. In a group setting we explore a wide variety of topics and healing exercises drawing in on professional or personal struggles. You discover what is holding you back. Through simple strategies, short exercises and conversations you can acquire the steps to heal your self-limiting beliefs. Dates & Topics TBA. Inquire about upcoming group coaching workshops here.

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