Understanding Grief Support For Grieving Employees


Fall/ Winter 2018 Schedule Available

Grief will touch our workplaces. Knowing how to approach a Bereavement Specialist, grieving colleague will leave you feeling less uncomfortable and less Workshop Leader uncertain. Our program is designed to support your organization to respond to someone with the sensitivity of knowing what to expect and the empowerment of how to respond so their return to work is an easier transition where employees feel well supported.

RSW //Bereavement Specialist Workshop Leader

What to Expect. How to Respond

is an informative two-hour workshop which assists in understanding grief emotions, the primary misconceptions and the various stages of grief. Grief and loss research indicates this greatly reduces the confusion and cumulative grief response as well as restores lost productivity in the workplace.

This training provides a unique opportunity for employees, leaders, colleagues and human resource professionals to lean in and understand empathetic methodology when navigating the terrain of grief in the workplace.

Cindy Lang brings over a decade of experience within the bereavement support network in public healthcare, private consultation and non-profit organizations. She is a workshop leader, facilitator, registered social worker and coach with a wide-ranging grief and loss training background.

Please contact Cindy to ask questions related to bereavement, receive more information on her workshop, or reserve a workshop date. A comprehensive grief handbook is included.

e cindy.lang@shaw.ca | p 403 615.1894

What to Expect, How to Respond