Coping With Grief

Since the loss of my husband I have been deeply committed to furthering my knowledge and education about loss and how to rebuild life after. I  help widows and widowers navigate this unchartered territory they were thrust into drawing on my own experience and training.

“Grief is in two parts. 
The first is loss. The second is the remaking of life.” 
-Anne Roiphe

Drawing on my personal experience as a widow, I show you how to rebuild your life after loss and reclaim your purpose. Working as a coach, facilitator and in a grief support settings, I share the tools, hope and the belief that you don’t have to re-build alone.

I have a coaching practice where we share hope, tools, and most importantly, the support to rebuild together as you do not have to do it alone. We gather one on one (phone, in person, or skype) or in groups.

My focus is on the, “Now What?” stage for people who have experienced the loss of their partner or spouse, simply put someone they love deeply. I have spent many hours with people in loss who are further down the road – whether that be at one year, two years or five years & beyond. There can firsts still, a different kind of support required, and/or other loss feelings that need to be explored.

I understand where you are, I have been there. This process never really ends, it just evolves with time. I am here to help you with YOUR “Now What?”, your Rebuilding and your life. One thing I have learned in my own journey is the importance of rebuilding together. You don’t have to do it ALONE……
My well-designed and thoughtful workshops and personal coaching make sure you don’t have to rebuild alone. 

My rebuilding series

  • Navigating Your New Life 
  • Rebuilding Together, You are not ALONE. 
  • Relearning, Who am I Now? 
  • Remembering, How to LIVE Again 

What is the Next Best Step for you?

Grief Coaching

In individual coaching we explore where you are struggling with your loss and/or transition in your life. I will provide you with the tools and support to rebuild your life and find the HOPE that lies ahead. It is my goal to help guide you to remember, how to LIVE again.  

  1. Complimentary first-time conversation. I always have a conversation with you prior to booking a session to ensure we are a great fit to move forward with the coaching.
  2. Sessions are 60 minutes; True transformation requires consistency. 3 sessions at a minimum is a great place to start to have you work with the tools and learning acquired within the session. 

**Please note: Coaching is not a substitute for, or the same as, psychotherapy, counselling, or other mental health care, nor is it meant to encompass the giving of directives or advice.

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Grief & Loss Workshops

weekend and evening workshops are for those of you who love a group experience. In a group setting we explore a wide variety of topics and healing exercises that deal with loss and grief. Together we support and grow, rebuilding our lives together and finding the joy and HOPE that the future holds. Dates & Topics TBA. Inquire about upcoming group coaching workshops here.  

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