About Cindy

"My greatest satisfaction is watching others start to live their, empowered, courageous lives."

A little of My Story 

Everything in my world literally was altered within a matter of days. I was widowed at 37. Too young. A widowed parent to a two-year-old son. I had no idea what I was going to do, or how I was going to live through such a tragic event. How was I going to raise my boy all by myself, without my pillar of strength? The fact that my husband was never coming back was beyond my comprehension.

Over the next few years I slowly rebuilt my life – literally putting one foot in front of the other. I found support in family, friends, and specifically with grief support groups and counselling. After attending a pivotal grief support group as a participant, something amazing happened - I was asked to step into a facilitating role for young spousal loss. That was it and looking back I am forever grateful for that moment when I started my career as a coach, and my new life began to take shape. 

As a coach, I also have another area of focus: supporting women in the workplace. Looking back on my career, I was in self-sabotage mode. I finally asked myself, why was I hiding how smart I really was? I was so curious - Why Do Smart Women Play Dumb? I posed this question to over 100 women. It empowered them to open up about their experiences. They were relieved to finally be discussing this openly, without judgement. I help women uncover their personal strength and conquer their fears, so they can rediscover who they are.

Over the years I have discovered similarities between these two unique groups, and I have become a better coach because of it: Discovery, transformation, steps to healing, self-awareness, all areas I work in every day for every client.  


  • 2017 Alberta College of Social Work, Registered Social Worker
  • 2013 Alberta College of Social Work, Provisional Registered Social Worker
  • 2011-2012 University of Calgary, Teaching And Practice Ontological Coaching Certification
  • 2010-2011 University of Calgary, Foundations for Personal Leadership Certification
  • 1996 Diploma, Social Work of Alberta (Mount Royal University)

Grief Specific Training

Volunteer Facilitators Training Workshops

  • Review & study of the 6 week grief support Program
  • The art of facilitation for small groups
  • Small group facilitator training
  • Trauma informed care training
  • Dr Alan Wolfelt, The Art of
  • Companioning the Mourner: Caring Versus Curing.
  • Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Exploring Death, Grief & Mourning: For the Caregiver.
  • Enhanced Grief Models & Disenfranchised Grief Training.
  • Understanding Emotions in Grief, Spotlight on Anger in Grief.
  • How to Care, What to say –The Experience of Bereavement When Working with Individuals & Families.
  • Understanding the Grief Experience.
  • Debrief After Six Week Grief & Loss Group Training. 
  • Inter-Agency, How to Care for the Dying - Palliative Care Training.
  • Understanding & Managing AHS Confidentiality & Small Group Skills.
  • Dr. Nancy Reeves, Grief & Helping Skills, Helping the Helper & The Grieving Process.
  • Hay House, Intensive Writers Workshop.
  • The Art of "Companioning” the Mourner: Caring Versus Curing

Training Workshops I have attended

How to Care, What to Say – Experience of Bereavement when working with individuals & families.
AHS Grief Support Program

How to Care for the Dying.
AHS Inter-Agency Hospice Palliative Care Program

Understanding the Experience of Grief.

AHS Grief Support Program
Grief & Spirituality Healing tools, Helping Skills, Helping the helper, Spiritual Issues, Energy Management & The Grieving Process. By Dr. Nancy Reeves

Groups | Meetups | Retreats

Organizations I Love!

Meet-up Group for Widows & Widowers

Alberta Health Services Grief Support Group

Soaring Spirits Camp Widow Weekend Long Retreats

The Hummingbird Centre of Hope

The Yoga Code